The Issues

Jobs & Economy

Donald is the co-founder and co-owner of a small business. He has hired workers, stuck to a budget, and always found a way to make payroll. In Congress, he’ll draw on that experience as he works to create jobs, strengthen our economy, and grow the middle class. Donald will:

  • seek job-creating investments in infrastructure, working to restore our crumbling roads and bridges, create new transportation options, and expand access to broadband Internet
  • promote workforce development and research initiatives  that diversify our economy and help Virginians to compete and succeed in growing industries
  • champion policies that help working families get ahead, including a higher minimum wage and paid sick leave legislation
  • work to cut unnecessary red tape — while strengthening safeguards that improve public health, ensure workers’ safety, or protect the environment

Veterans, Servicemembers, & Military Families

As the son of an Army veteran, Donald understands that we owe an enormous debt to all those who serve or have served in our military. We must honor our commitments to these brave men and women, and to their families. In Congress, Donald will:

  • fight to provide more of the resources that help veterans to succeed and prosper in civilian life, including educational funding, job placement programs, and adequate mental health services
  • work to reform and fully fund the VA so that all veterans have ready access to high-quality health care and other important services
  • partner with fellow lawmakers to ensure that military jobs, assets, and infrastructure remain in Virginia

Health Care

Donald believes affordable health care should be considered a human right. No one should have to forgo basic treatment for want of insurance. No one should have to choose between buying medicine and buying food. In Congress, Donald will:

  • push for targeted reforms that improve and strengthen the Affordable Care Act, including measures to lower costs for working families
  • seek new incentives for states to expand Medicaid and ensure that working families have access to quality, affordable health care
  • oppose efforts to replace Medicare with a voucher system, block grant Medicaid, or otherwise shift new costs to seniors and working families


Donald understands that good schools prepare children for lifelong success, as both citizens and workers. Education enables individual students to achieve their dreams, and it holds the power to break generations-long cycles of poverty and suffering. Donald will:

  • work towards universal access to pre-K education and affordable, high-quality childcare options
  • seek overdue investments in our public schools, ensuring that teachers have the resources and support they need to close achievement gaps and best help our children
  • work to ensure that working and middle class students have the opportunity to graduate debt-free from public college
  • help former students reduce their student loan debt through new refinancing options and expanded loan forgiveness programs

Justice & Public Safety

Donald knows we have an urgent responsibility to prevent crime and improve public safety. At the same time, we must also confront and correct outdated thinking, discriminatory policies, and the harms that they produce. In Congress, Donald will:

  • work to reduce gun violence by requiring universal background checks, renewing the assault weapons ban, and enacting other common-sense reforms
  • seek to reform our criminal justice system, ending self-defeating policies that promote over-incarceration and create a school-to-prison pipeline
  • work to correct biases and disparities in policing and sentencing, both by changing unfair laws and by funding priorities like greater oversight, increased training, and body cameras for local law enforcement

Equal Treatment & Equal Rights

Donald strongly believes that all people deserve equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunities to participate in our democracy. Americans should never suffer because of whom they love, what they believe, or where they came from. Donald will:

  • continue to champion anti-discrimination protections for women, racial minorities, LGBT Americans, and any other group that is singled out for unfair treatment
  • support automatic voter registration and other efforts to protect and expand the right to vote
  • pursue meaningful campaign finance reforms that strengthen the voices of ordinary citizens while reducing dark money groups’ vast influence over the course of our democracy
  • work towards comprehensive immigration reforms that enable law-abiding, contributing members of our communities to earn citizenship in the country they call home

Safety Net

Most Americans spend decades paying into programs like Social Security and Medicare. When they retire, those workers deserve full and timely access to the benefits they’ve earned. Donald will:

  • work to keep our promises to seniors and working families, opposing efforts to raise the retirement age, voucherize Medicare, or block grant Medicaid
  • work to strengthen and preserve Social Security and Medicare by ensuring that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share
  • seek new incentives for states to expand Medicaid and ensure that working families have access to quality, affordable health care


Donald knows that climate change and pollution pose grave and growing threats to our communities. We owe it to our children to leave behind a clean and healthy planet — but to do that, we have to build a greener, more sustainable society. In Congress, Donald will:

  • work to swiftly and responsibly reduce carbon emissions to prevent or mitigate the worst effects of climate change
  • seek investment in green technologies and speed our transition to a clean energy economy
  • strive to better address public health threats from pollution, unregulated toxins, and other environmental dangers

Budget & Spending

As a state legislator, Donald has fought for responsible, balanced budgets that fund critical services while keeping taxes low. He supports efforts to gradually reduce the deficit — but he knows we can’t cut our way to prosperity. In Congress, Donald will:

  • oppose efforts to balance the budget on the backs of working families, including reckless “blanket” cuts like sequestration
  • defend investments in education, infrastructure, research and other important priorities that make for a fairer and more prosperous society
  • pursue commonsense reforms that make our tax code fairer, simpler, and more progressive